PM Modi Meets CMs Regarding Covid 19 Surge

PM Modi met all CMs of States and Union Territories
PM Modi met all CMs of States and Union Territories

PM Modi meets the other states and union territories Chief Ministers through video conferencing today.  As it is said to be discussed on the Corona hotspots in India and reasons behind the hike of positive cases. 

PM Narendra Modi said that the rising second wave of Corona must be controlled with precautions as early as possible during a visual meet with chief ministers today. Modi stated, we Need Quick, decisive Steps.

Modi said the confidence we have against Corona should not make us careless, and at the same time, the public must also not panic. We need to contact the Corona-affected person's circle as soon as possible before it could spread in a wide range.

It is necessary to keep the RTPCR test rate above 70 percent. And to track the maximum contacts of the infected person. He insisted on wearing the mask for safety and said that the vaccination action should be accelerated.

The virus has reached Tier 2 and Tier 3, which means the main places of the cities, and it may spread even to the village, which will be more dreadful. And to increase testing in small towns.

India is one of the countries which has less number of death due to COVID 19. Modi spoke about the wastage of vaccination, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The reason behind the wastage must be reported.

It is very much needed to be proactive by making containment zones where necessary and increasing vaccination camps. PM Modi told to wear the mask and maintain social distance in gatherings especially. No talks were centered on Lockdown.