Pune Porsche Accident Update Shocks as Teen denies Driving

Pune Porsche Accident Case Update
Pune Porsche Accident Case Update

Pune Porsche car accident case takes a twist as the 17-year-old and his father claim that his driver drove the car during the accident. The news brings a lot of conspiracy over the accident murder case.

Twist In The Pune Porsche Case:

The Pune Porsche accident, which shuddered the country, has taken a few turns as the teenager claimed he is not behind the crime committed. On May 19 morning, a Porsche car crashed into a motorbike in Pune's Kalyani Nagar area. Due to the accident, IT employees Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa lost their lives. The accident was captured on CCTV, and it was said that the car was traveling at an estimated 160 -200 kmph speed in a narrow lane.

Drunk And Drive:

On the day of the incident, the teenager visited two pubs where he spent Rs 69000 with his friends to celebrate his class 12 result, and later, he ended up crashing his motorbike.

The police arrested them, and the 17-year-old was sent to Pune's Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) and released within 15 hours, as he was bailed by his grandfather, Surendra Kumar Agarwal. The Juvenile sent the boy with his grandfather's assurance that he would not repeat the crime, and they charged him Rs 7500.

This news shocked the country as people let out their frustration on social media and asked for justice for the 24-year-old victims, Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa, who died in the accident.  

Surendra Kumar Agarwal:

It is said that Surendra Kumar Agarwal, the father of Vishal Agarwal (a 17-year-old teen's father), was allegedly involved with the underground gangster Chhota Rajan case. The case brought up a lot of suspicions around the family. It is said that due to a property dispute with his brother RK Agarwal, Surendra Kumar Agarwal tried to take the life of RK Agarwal's friend, Ajay Bhosale, which left some injuries to Ajay Bhosale's driver.

The case against SK Agarwal includes charges under different sections of the Indian Penal Code, like criminal conspiracy, attempted murder, and violations of the Arms Act. SK Agarwal was not arrested until the filing of the chargesheet, and he is currently out on bail. He attended a trial hearing on May 6, where evidence from eyewitnesses was presented.

Teen Claims The Driver Drove the Car:

In this situation, the 17-year-old who was involved in the accident claimed that one of his drivers had driven the car when the accident happened. The two other friends who were with him also confirmed this following the teen's statement and the teen's father also claimed the same. This created a lot of buzz around the case, and some people did not believe it and mentioned their frustrations on social media.

Police Denied The Accusations:

In addition to the mess created, Prakash Ambedkar, an opposition party leader, and the ex-MP, claims that the police are serving burgers to the teen and voices out several questions over the issue in his x account, "Officers at Yerawada police station spent more time questioning the relationship between Anish and Ashwini the two IT professionals who were fatally knocked down by the drunk minor while the accused was allegedly served burger and pizza. This is how the system benefits the privileged and rich."

The Ex-MP accusation against Yerawada police station brought up conspiracies, and to put an end to the issue, Pune police commissioner Amitesh Kumar cleared the allegations and said that they did not serve them with pizza and burgers.