Pune Porsche Accident Update: Teens Grandfather Arrested, Twist

Pune Porsche Car Accident
Pune Porsche Car Accident

The Pune Porsche car accident case turns more intense as the driver of the Agarwal family, Gangadhar was kidnapped and forced to accept that he committed the against his will for a cash reward.

Pune Porsche Car Driver:

The 17-year-old, his father Vishal Agarwal, and the teenager's friends claim that his driver was the one who drove the car during the tragic accident. This news has already caused suspicion among the people.

After the teen's confession, the police tried to get a statement from the driver, Gangadhar Shivraj Herikrub, aged 42. The police located the driver, and his statement about the kidnap uncovered the true colors of Surendra Kumar Agarwal. 

Reports said that the driver, Gangadhar, was in the police station for the Pune Porsche car accident case. He was on his way home on May 20 from police station, when he was forcibly taken to Brahma Suncity in the backseat of the car by the Agarwal family. 

He was held against his wish for two days at the house, and there he was forced to accept the car accident, which he did not commit, in return for a sum of money. SK Agarwal also threatened him that if he did not accept the crime, he would face dire consequences.

After constant mental and physical torture, Gangadhar contacted his wife for his rescue with the help of another employee in the house. Gangadhar's family proceeded to Agarwal's house after a huge argument between the families. Later, Gangadhar was taken with his family.

This confession shocked the police, and Surendra Kumar Agarwal, the grandfather of the teen, was arrested by the Police, and a different FIR has been registered against him under IPC sections 365 and 368. 

Pune Porsche Accident:

On the morning of May 19, a Porsche car crashed into a motorbike in Pune's Kalyani Nagar area. As a result of the accident, IT employees Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa lost their lives and the incident was captured on CCTV.

The car was driven by a 17-year-old boy who was completely drunk even though the legal drinking age in Maharastra is 25. It is said that the boy was celebrating class 12 results with his friends in two pubs and spending 69,000.  

The boy sent to Pune's Juvenile Justice Board was released within 15 hours on bail and his early release created a lot of frustrations among the Indian public and they are summoning justice for Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa.