India's shift from corona to the power of the vote with a massive hope

India shift from corona to the power of the vote with a massive hope
India shift from corona to the power of the vote with a massive hope

It was the days when people learned many things being at home by watching how the world is trying to get rid of a virus and how the individual states initiate the process of securing the state considering the common people. There were many boundaries which immersed people's life during the masked and sanitizing days. Restriction for neighboring states and districts was complicated, but it prevented us from the killer virus.

Months passed, even now, the quarrel with Covid 19 is getting tough. Now the pandemic has turned to election fever with a lot of expectations. Will the upcoming election help ordinary people to get back their survival?

Lockdown was a long vacation that's been gone, which positively and negatively impacted the entire world. When it comes to positive gestures, the main thing that struck the mind is the time spent at home as a family, which is very hard in the busy modern world.

And when we think of negative, we can mention many it's not just one or two. People suffered from no penny in the wallet. The only people who earned during the lockdown days were the Youtubers and media people.

They work during their free time, upload their videos, and gain them through their subscribers. Going to the hospital during an emergency was problematic ad when it comes to children, their interaction with teachers between the mobile screen made their education worse.

Covid was at a peak that killed many poverty life. Though being at home seemed safe still it was the most challenging part for the city people to accept the world being at four walls.

And in the latter process, people started to take and got practiced ton Covid they began to wander back to their worksites which seemed bliss, and the only reason was they were able to see the money which the outcome of their work.

When days went by, schools also got started, and students began marching to schools but not all the classes. The drawback of the long down is tough to accept the people's loss and the financial outbreak.

In recent days, every matured individuals are trying hard to get back to the place where they were before the lockdown. Will that be possible? When this question struck, the next hurdle of lockdown has been implemented in Maharastra due to the increasing number of Covid 19. And in addition to this, there comes the fever of election.

Many questions are running in the minds of people. Will India finds its way for its come back? Will the youngsters get jobs in the modern world? What will be the conditions of the life of the poor? Let us wait for the months that are racing to find answers to all the quires.