M K Stalin Says There is no Chance for a Third Alliance to Form

DMK President Stalin Meeting with ChandraSekhar Rao
DMK President Stalin Meeting with ChandraSekhar Rao

Chandra Sekara Rao is the face of the third alliance which is trying to unify the smaller parties to form the government if both BJP and Congress fail to get majority votes.

He has been all over India to gather the support of leaders like West Bengal chief minister Mamta Banerjee and the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinaraye Vijayan.

BJP's fear of defeat

The after Lok Sabha election predictions are in favour of Congress alliance in Telangana and this local parties are vying to join hands with Congress. The initiative being led by Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee who has been uniting the opposition against Bharatiya Janata Party.

BJP knows that it won't get majority votes standing alone and has put Chandra Sekara Rao on the path to destabilise Congress’ alliances. It also has been having talks with YSR Congress, Janata Dal and Telangana Rashtriya Samithi parties to form alliances.

CSR meets Stalin

The Chief Minister of Telangana  Chandra Sekara Rao visited MK Stalin in his house in Alwarpet. After a two long hours talk, it was reported by the media that MK Stalin had accepted the offer of Chandra Sekara Rao to join the third alliance.

Stalin shuts the door for the third alliance 

But Stalin denied the speculation and told that it was just a casual meeting. The inside sources claim that Stalin urged Chandra Sekara Rao to join the Congress alliance instead to form a powerful opposition against BJP. Stalin also assured in a press meet in the airport that the meeting is not about the third alliance and there seems to be no chance for a third alliance to form, thus shutting the door for the third alliance to form.