Coimbatore: MLM Company My V3 Ads Executed Only 30 Percent Of Plan

My V3 Ads MD Sakthi Anandan
My V3 Ads MD Sakthi Anandan

MLM Company MYV3Ads has become viral on social media and across Tamil Nadu. Although many people are in support of the My V3 ads, there are many standing against the company. Many influencers are coming forward to voice out against the MYV3Ads and make the public understand the trap behind the scam.

MYV3Ads gained much attention when thousands gathered at the L&T bypass to support the MLM company MYV3Ads. People were crowded, and the police found it very difficult to control them. By seeing the crowd, we can understand the approximate number of the public who have invested in MYV3Ads.

What is My V3 Ads?

My V3 Ads is a free app that Indian users can download to earn extra money by watching videos. To proceed to the next video, users must type in a captcha code for each video they watch. Apart from that, My V3 Ads also sells Ayurvedic products. They also run a YouTube channel. They have received investments from the public by saying that the income will flow just by looking at the advertisements.

The company has received investments from the public ranging from Rs 360 to Rs 1.20 lakh and has been paying for viewing daily advertisements. They have also said that if one person joins another My V3 ad, they will be given a commission amount. Many people have invested in the Indian app based on this belief.

Coimbatore: MLM Company My V3 Ads Executed Only 30 Percent Of Plan

There are different plans in My V3 Ads, in which the public can join and get the money. It is still shocking to believe how people are ready to invest lumps of money in online apps by believing that the apps are safe and secure.

Case registered against My V3 Ads:

Meanwhile, a complaint was filed against this company for fraud. Accordingly, the police, who have registered a case, have recently summoned the owner of this company for questioning. 

Unexpectedly, thousands of people gathered at Neelampur L&T Bypass Road, Coimbatore, to support the company. There was a commotion as the people suddenly gathered to support the company, which was the subject of a fraud complaint.

Many people who gathered there have invested lakhs in this company. The protestors said they invested several lakhs in it, and their families are now relying on it.

Coimbatore: MLM Company My V3 Ads Executed Only 30 Percent Of Plan

It was reported that some people sent messages threatening that the income would stop if they did not come to fight in support of the company. Also, it has been revealed that a message was sent saying that only if everyone comes together will this be resolved.

At the same time, the company's owner continues to claim that they are not involved in any fraud. Meanwhile, the Coimbatore Singanallur police have registered a case under three sections against Sakthi Anandan, the owner of MY V3 Ads.

On the other hand, the influencers are commenting that these kinds of earnings and ads running are against the rules and regulations. But MY V3 Ads MD Sakthi Anandan has given an interview to a private news channel and has said that they aren't frauds and have not organised any protest. He said that he was unaware of the forwarded messages on WhatsApp.

He is strong in his statement that he didn't call any person to protest. In his interview, we can understand that Sakthi Anandan had enough knowledge of the current business tactics. He combines advertisement with marketing to enhance his company. He said he had executed only 30% of his plan, and they are 70% pending.

My V3 Ads Protest At Coimbatore:

The protest video in support of the MLM company at Neelampur L&T Bypass Road, Coimbatore, is still going viral on social media platforms. The youngsters are very curious to know about the MLM company. At the same time, this case has become a lesson to those who have an idea to invest or join such an MLM company.