Five Arrested In Villupuram Anbu Jothi Ashram Harassing And Rape Case

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An ashram under the name Anbu Jothi near Kedar in the Villupuram district is now turned out to be a place of horror and mystery.

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More than 150 people, including the mentally challenged, needy and differently-abled, were housed and cared for there. A few days ago, the Police raided the Ashram based on complaints stating that an aged person was missing. The raid revealed much unbelievable suspense hidden inside the Ashram.

The investigation revealed various criminal acts, such as beating and harassing the people cared for in the Ashram and sexually assaulting the women. Also, 16 people have gone missing from the Ashram so far, which has caused a stir. 

Now, those in the Ashram have been safely evacuated and treated at Villupuram Government Medical College Hospital. In this case, a case was registered against six people, including ashram administrator Anbu Jubin, his wife Maria Jubin, and ashram workers Biju Mohan, Muthumari, Ayyanar and Gopinath.

Kedar police registered a case under 13 categories, including running an ashram without permission, sexually assaulting women, smuggling ashram residents abroad, and beating and torturing the mentally challenged and helpless. 

The Police detained four ashram workers and put them in jail. Ashram administrator Anbu Jubin, who was injured and his wife Maria Jubin, who were under treatment, could not be arrested.

In this case, Police arrested the main accused, Maria Jubin, who was in good health and took her to Kedar police station for questioning. Anbu Zubin, who is undergoing treatment, was arrested this morning.