Kallakurichi Tragedy: Actor Suriya Condemn TN Political Parties

Suriya On Kallakurichi Tragedy
Suriya On Kallakurichi Tragedy

Actor Suriya reacted to the tragic Kallakurichi Hooch tragedy and strongly condemned the admiration that failed to stop the alcohol poisoning. His perspective in this case creates a lot of buzz among Tamil people.

Kallakurichi Hooch Tragedy:

In Kallakuruchi, a tragic incident occurred on June 18th after consuming illicit liquor around in which 100 members were hospitalized and 50 people were killed. Police took immediate action following that K. Kannukutti, 49, was arrested in connection with the case, and 200 liters of illicit liquor were seized.

The locals consumed hooch in Karunapuram containing lethal Methanol, which led to the ultimate tragedy in Kallakurichi. In this situation, the death toll rose from 35 to 50 today, causing shock to the locals and starting a lot of controversy in Tamil Nadu.

Actor Suriya On Kallakurichi Tragedy:

Actor Suriya, on his X account, gives his insights on the issue and condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. He started his post by stating "50 consecutive deaths in a small town is a tragedy that does not happen even during calamities such as storms, rains, and floods. It is alarming that more than a hundred people are still in the hospital. The successive deaths and the cries of the victims are heart-wrenching."

The actor continues with the heart-wrenching news and mentions no comfort words can equal the life of loved ones and appreciates the government team for taking immediate and necessary actions but goes on about, "This is a short-term solution for long-term problems" which eventually does not work well.

The actor also indicates a similar case that happened last year in Villupuram where 22 people died after drinking poison mixed with methanol. In this case, the following year, even after the government promised to take serious action, the neighbouring district people died consuming the same poisonous alcohol mixed with methanol. 

Suriya also points out the fake promises made by political parties saying they will prohibit alcohol in Tamil Nadu during election time, and he gives a wider perspective on this issue "Drug addicts, who spend 150 rupees at Tasmac, end up buying poison for 50 rupees when they're out of money. When will we all recognize that alcoholism isn't just an individual issue but a problem affecting every family and our entire society."

The Jai Bhim star concludes his notice by stating that governments must cease perpetuating violence against their own people through the promotion of alcoholism. 

He encouraged the government to start rehabilitation centers for alcoholics, "Immediate steps should be taken to establish rehabilitation centers in every district to help individuals recover from alcohol addiction. Just as visionary action plans are implemented for educational advancement, similar exemplary programs should be devised and executed for the rehabilitation of alcoholics, transforming it into a societal movement. It's essential for governments and political parties to demonstrate visionary leadership in addressing this critical issue."

Suriya's response to the Kallakurichi Hooch tragedy brings attention to the actual problem and his view stirred a lot of talk among the people both in reality and social media.

Political Leader Visits:

Political leaders such as BJP's TN leader Annamalai, AIADMK's E Palanisamy, DMK's Udhayanidhi Stalin and TVK's Vijay visited Kallakurichi to express solidarity with the affected residents. They offered condolences to the families and relatives of those who suffered due to the tragic Kallakurichi Hooch incident.

10 Lakhs Compensation Controversy:

In this case, CM Stalin has also announced a compensation of ₹10 lakh for the families who are suffering because of the deaths by consuming illicit liquor. Additionally, ₹50,000 will be provided to each individual currently undergoing treatment in hospitals.

In this situation, the announcement of ₹10 lakh compensation has sparked controversy, dividing public opinion. Some oppose the Chief Minister's decision, arguing that those who consumed the illicit liquor knowingly took a risk and should not be compensated with huge amounts of money for involving in illegal activities. 

On the other hand, supporters believe that regardless of the circumstances, the families of the deceased deserve financial support and empathy during this difficult time.