Marudhamalai: Mother Elephant Returns To Forest After Treatment

Mother Elephant Returns To Forest
Mother Elephant Returns To Forest

The sick mother elephant which was found and treated near Marudhamali Coimbatore turned healthy and recently returned to the forest after receiving a successful medical treatment. 

The Mother Elephant Return To The Forest:

With the help of the forest department and medical team, the mother elephant returned to the forest. The officials camped in the Marudhamalai area near the mother elephant, helped it constantly, and provided the dehydrated elephant with proper food and water.

The elephant was showered with water frequently to prevent dehydration, and the treatment for the mother elephant went well. Due to its treatment, the mother elephant became healthy following the intake of medicines and proper food. After confirming the condition of the wild mother elephant, the officials released the elephant from the belt, which was tied for support.

After being released, the mother elephant slowly backed away from the crane that held the elephant with a belt, and a few minutes later, it returned rapidly to the forest. 

The Forest Department:

The forest department said that they will continue to analyze the 40-year-old mother elephant to ensure the medicines given do not create any side effects for the elephant.

They add that they will check the mother elephant's condition and track down it with the help of a drone to ensure the elephant joins its 4-month-old calf that went missing on June 1. 

What Happened to the Mother Elephant near Marudhamalai?

A few days back, in the Marudhamalai area, a mother elephant that has a 4-month-old calf was found ill and making painful trumpets on the boundary of the forest.

Hearing the painful sounds from the elephants, the locals around the area alarmed the forest department to rescue the mother elephant and the baby elephant. 

Forest Department To The Rescue:

The forest department hurried to the scene and discovered that the mother elephant was unwell. It was unable to stand when the team arrived to help.

Then, the medical experts analyzed the elephant's health and concluded that the elephant was dehydrated and had a fever. Because of the lack of water and proper food, the mother elephant and the baby elephant who feed from the mother's milk suffered which leads to the unwell condition of the mother elephant.

The forest department found the mother elephant's condition and provided it with proper medicines. The forest officers used a belt with four straps to make the elephant stand and it was given water-rich foods at first it was hard for the elephant to eat. Then the following day, the treatment worked well and the mother elephant started to eat up to 100 kilograms of food. 

The Baby Elephant Went Missing:

The 4-month-old elephant was initially provided with a diet of juicy foods in tubes and mother's milk. In this instance, the baby elephant returned to the forest with its herd, leaving the mother elephant behind. The forest department utilized drones to search for and locate the baby elephant.

However, it is expected that the mother elephant and the calf will reunite soon. The locals and forest department team are happy about the mother elephant's successful treatment and its return to the forest.