Actor Vivek Passes Away: Reason Behind the death

Actor Recent Photoshoot of Actor Vivek
Actor Recent Photoshoot of Actor Vivek

Actor Vivek was admitted to SIMS Private hospital following a cardiac arrest on Friday morning, and he passed away Saturday morning.

It is hard to accept the death of the legendry comedian who made people laugh and inspiring children through his comedies.

Vivek started to concentrate more on ecology and the environment by planting trees and plants. He was inspired by Indian monk Swami Vivekananda and A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

He is a person with zero haters as he inspired people by following the statements of his inspirations. 

The acting of Vivek will have no flaws as he puts his life into the characters. His death is a great loss to the film industry, and the Tamil cinema and its fans will miss him on screens for sure.

He will never regret spreading awareness among the public, and he will do the social activities considering it as his duty and responsibilities. 

Even the day before his death, Actor Vivek gets vaccinated in the government Omandurar instead of a Private hospital to spread awareness on Vaccination and COVID to the public.

The public now started to think that he died due to vaccination, which is a false rumor. The hospital management said that 850 members received their vaccination on the same date, and all are keeping well.

And there is no link between the vaccination and to the death of actor Vivek. The recent behind his death was Cardiac arrest which was officially said, and the vaccination has nothing to do with his illness and unconsciousness.

The public need not panic and believe the rumors that circulate. It is necessary to get vaccinated to control the second wave of COVID 19.