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Mother Elephant Death in Sathyamangalam, Orphaned Calf Situation

Elephant Rescue At Sathyamangalam

Additional Chief Secretary to the Government in the Department of Environment, Climate Change, and Forests, Supriya Sahu IAS, has shared a heartbreaking incident on her social media account. 

She conveyed that forest teams in the Sathyamangalam range of Tamil Nadu noticed a female elephant lying down in a weak condition with her two-year-old calf beside her. Despite the efforts of four experienced vets, the mother elephant could not be saved. The forest team then decided to unite the orphaned young elephant with a nearby elephant herd.

After Mother Elephant Death

The young elephant was successfully introduced to the herd, and it seems to be accepted by the other elephants. The ground team is closely monitoring the young calf with thermal drone cameras and experienced elephant trackers to ensure its well-being. 

They will continue to observe the calf for some time to ensure its acceptance into the herd. This is a tragic incident, broken the hearts of the animal and wildlife lovers. Credits pours to the forest team who worked hard to save the mother elephant.

A group of elephants entered a village near Thondamuthur in Coimbatore this morning, causing panic among the public, who chased them away into the forest.