Health Experts Warn About Second Wave of Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

Second Wave of Coronavirus in Tamil nadu
Second Wave of Coronavirus in Tamil nadu

Will there be a Second Wave of Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu?

Experts in the state say that there are many chances for the second wave in Tamil Nadu. Currently, the government of Tamil Nadu is all set to bring four important districts back to the lockdown fold from June 19. And this time, the lockdown measures are expected to be so severe.

Since the government announced relaxation in the lockdown, the state is witnessing a constant increase in the infection rate. Especially in Chennai, the Coronavirus infection has increased twofold compared to the rest of the districts.

As per the report published by the Family Health and Welfare Department of TN, 1843 new cases have been added to the count. One thousand two hundred fifty-seven new cases have been added to the count of Chennai alone. Thus took Chennai's total to 33, 244 on June 15.

Transfering Dr. Beela Rajesh, J. Radhakrishnan was appointed as the state's health secretary, last week, in a hope to bring more changes in controlling the spread in Tamil Nadu, mainly in Chennai and its adjoining districts.

Other than Chennai, concerns over Chengalpattu, Thiruvallur, and Kancheepuram are also increasing as these districts have shown a similar rise in infection like Chennai.

Deputy Director of National Institute of Epidemiology Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur, Experts of Chennai Apollo Hospital, Dr. V Ramasubramanian, Kuganathan gathered in the Secretariate on Monday for an expert meeting about the spread. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist at WHO, had also participated in the meeting.

In the press addressing after the meeting, Dr. V Ramasubramanian said, China is currently exercising a second wave. If we are not aware and prepared enough, there'll be a second wave soon after two or three months. The expert panel has also warned the government about this second wave.

The expert committee also believes that the infection rate in Tamil Nadu will gradually fall in a few days. The panel members said that they had asked the government to increase the testing and strict the isolation and quarantine measures in the state.