Tamil Nadu close to four lakhs infections of COVID 19 - August 26 update

Tamil Nadu close to four lakhs infections of COVID 19 - August 26 update
Tamil Nadu close to four lakhs infections of COVID 19 - August 26 update

From August 20, the number of newly infected cases is between 5950 and 6,000 in Tamil Nadu to take the total tally close to 4 lakhs. And except for a few days, the death toll is above 100 for August month.

The chief minister has announced conducting of the UGC final year exams despite writing a letter to the center against it. But the arrears students need not write the exams.

CM also announced 300 volunteers for testing the Oxford University Covaxin by Astra Zeneca tied Serum institute in Chennai Rajiv Gandhi hospital.

COVID 19 in India: On the 155th day of the lockdown, the rise of COVID 19 infections continues unabated to reach 32,34,474 cases. Every day there are around 60,000 cases with yesterday reporting 67,151 new cases. The deaths also continue to be around 1,000 with yesterday's 1,059 deaths to take the tally to 59,449.

But the NEET hall tickets for the September 13 exam were issued today. Already the JEE hall tickets for the exams from September 1 to 5 have been downloaded. It is despite the opposition from the national and international level due to the rising of COVID 19 cases and floods in five states.

Nearly 26 lakh students have to travel from long-off places to take these exams without transport. Also, the Karnataka government has announced the reopening of schools and colleges from October 1. Today the Supreme Court came down heavily on the central government to not hide behind RBI.

It is for it imposing interest over interest for the delayed payment of EMIs. The court said the central government must relax the norms under drastic situations as it only imposed the country's lockdown.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu: As usual, the number of infections in Tamil Nadu reported today is 5,958 cases and a near-record high of 118 deaths. Like Tamil Nadu's number of cases not crossing 6,000, the number of cases in Chennai, also are just below the 1,300 levels for the past few days.

It continued today also with only ten less at 1,290 cases and 20 deaths. The remaining 98 deaths in the other districts is the alarming factor as experts feel there may be many more unreported deaths in the districts.

COVID 19 in Coimbatore and other districts: With today's 484 new cases, Coimbatore has the highest number of 3,250 active cases only next to Chennai. With ten deaths reported today, the total death tally rises to 262 in Coimbatore. The neighboring districts also see a rise in cases continuously for the past few days.

Erode, which was only in the two-digit rise, is now with a three-digit rise of 102 cases and five deaths. In Tirupur also it is 97 new cases and three deaths.

The Chennai adjacent districts also continue their share of contribution with Chengalpattu - 294 and 4 deaths, Kancheepuram - 329 and 8 deaths, and Tiruvallur - 280 and 2 deaths.

Among the second-tier cities apart from Coimbatore, Salem's other city also shot its tally to 451 new cases with eight deaths. But in Madurai, it is the opposite with a new low of 31 cases for a long time reported today with only one death. In Tiruchy, the new cases were low at only 83 and no deaths per the health ministry report.

The other districts with a rise in new infections today include

  • Cuddalore - 286 and 2 deaths
  • Kanyakumari - 159 and 5 deaths
  • Pudukottai - 143 and 4 deaths
  • Ranipet - 121 and 2 deaths
  • Thanjavur - 123 and 6 deaths
  • Theni - 184 and 2 deaths
  • Tiruvarur - 105 and 2 deaths
  • Toothukudi - 105 and 2 deaths
  • Tirunelveli - 156 and 6 deaths
  • Vellore - 158 and 5 deaths
  • Villupuram - 189 and 1 death

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