Tamil Nadu reports for the past 11 days close to 6,000 new cases of COVID-19 August 17 update

Covid frontline warriors in Coimbatore, containment zone disinfection.
Covid frontline warriors in Coimbatore, containment zone disinfection.

India continues for the 13th day with the maximum number of new COVID 19 cases worldwide, even above the US and Brazil. It has crossed the 26 lakh mark for positive cases and more than 50,000 deaths.

For the past 11 days in Tamil Nadu, the new cases reported close to 6,000 and nearing the 3.5 lakhs. Deaths are nearing 6,000, with 120 deaths reported today. Coimbatore and Cuddalore have reported alarming near 400 new cases, with ten deaths in Coimbatore alone.

COVID 19 in India

On July 31 the number of positive cases was 16.4 lakhs as the month ended with more than 10 lakh additional cases. In August, in the last 16 days as of August 16 it has increased more than ten lakhs to 26,47,664 cases. Bihar government has extended the lockdown until September 6. The Supreme Court today dismissed petitions against NEET and JEE to conduct exams.

NEET will be held as planned on September 13 and the JEE exams on September 1 to 6. But without transport in most of the states, how will the more than 20 lakh students are going to reach the exam centers in far of places is the big question now. Tomorrow the case for conducting the final year of UGC exams is posted before the Supreme Court.

COVID 19 in Chennai 

After a week of reporting below 1,000 cases, Chennai, now for the past four days, exceeds the 1,000 marks. It reported 1,184 new cases and 24 deaths. With relaxing the e-pass restrictions for all to get e-pass on applying with documents, the tollgates on the Chennai borders are with long lines of vehicles going in and out of it.

Additionally, after nearly five months, TASMAC shops are to open in Chennai from tomorrow from 10 AM to 7 PM. What all effects these two steps will have on the Chennai COVID situation have to be seen in the coming days.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts

If Chennai is raising in the COVID 19 cases, the districts are continuously rising in few of them every day. If it were the southern districts until last week, Coimbatore and Cuddalore top the list today. And the worst is Coimbatore with 393 new cases and 10 deaths. Cuddalore reported 390 cases and with one death. Though the number of tests done in Chennai is reported every day, the number of tests in districts is never reported. It is difficult for the experts to know the positive rate of new cases compared to the number of tests.

The three districts adjacent to Chennai have a nominal increase in the number of new cases with Chengalpattu - 224 and 7 deaths, Kancheepuram - 174 and 3 deaths, and Tiruvallur -308 and 4 deaths.

In the second-tier cities after Coimbatore, there is a surprise rise in Salem with 268 cases and two deaths while the other two are normal with Madurai - 136 and 3 deaths and Tiruchy -121 and 7 deaths.

The other districts with an increasing number of cases include

  • Kanyakumari - 209 and 5 deaths
  • Theni - 279 and 1 death
  • Virudunagar - 212 and 1 death