Tamil Nadu COVID Update: The Death Count Exceeds 100 In 24 Hours

Tamil Nadu COVID death exceeded 100
Tamil Nadu COVID death exceeded 100

The situation in India is becoming complicated day by day with the increasing number of Covid positive cases and the rising of deaths. People find it difficult to gather logs to cremate the bodies as the deaths increase, exceeding 350 per day.

At this crucial time, India is facing another tightening stage with inadequate vaccines. Many states of India have closed the vaccination doors as there is no supply of adequate vaccines.

Mumbai, Punjab, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh have paused the vaccination drive till May 2 due to the vaccination process. More than one crore people are registering for vaccination on the Cowin application.

People found many issues in the application during registration, and the initiatives were taken, and the problem was sorted out. And again, there is an issue in registering for the Above 18 age groups.

Tamil Nadu COVID 19 Update of April 29

Many cities of Tamil Nadu are facing the challenge of COVID 19. The vaccine shortages prevail even in some parts of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu government has announced a complete lockdown on the day of counting votes.

On Thursday, the state provided 150 oxygen beds and 100 non-oxygen beds at the women and children's hospital in Egmore. By May 7, the state will add 8,225 beds for the Covid hospitals.

Tamil Nadu reported 17,897 new cases yesterday, with 107 death and 15,542 patients discharged from hospitals. The death has increased by exceeding 100 in Tamil Nadu yesterday.

According to the report from the government, the new cases are high in Chengalpattu (1164), Chennai (5445), Coimbatore (1008), Madurai (604), Thoothukudi (576), Thirunelveli (849), Ranipet (334), and Salem (513).

More number of deaths re in Chengalpattu (7), Chennai (40), Madurai (8), Salem (5) where other few districts ha the counts less than 4. The increasing death is making the people panic, and they are coming forward to get vaccinated.

The government keeps announcing the COVID protocols in all public places, especially in bus stands and railway stations where the people are still crowded.