Tamil Nadu Police ranks 2nd to CoVid infection next to Maharashtra

Face Shield for frontline warriors
Face Shield for frontline warriors

Tamil Nadu Police ranks 2nd to CoVid infection next to Maharashtra: CoronaVirus second wave started all over Tamil Nadu this week urging the need to lock travelling within districts inside the zone. More than 1000 police officers in Tamil Nadu acquired the pandemic illness as per the Tamil Nadu Health and Public Hygiene Department report.

Though Tamil Nadu counts 68,000 confirmed cases and 866 deaths, the first line helpers like Doctors, Police, Sanitary workers and daily end suppliers are the most affected personnels due to CoVid-19.

Similarly, checking vehicles and taking action against those who violate the rules in view of a curfew implemented by the Tamil Nadu Police Department to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

During these operations, security equipment such as the Nasal Mask and Sanitizer have been provided to protect the traffic police from being infected. Today the Madurai High Court issued an order to provide face shield to all the police officials mainly to protect the social workers away from the deadly contagion.

Also, the Court ordered the District Collectors' and Commissioners of the state to ensure the availability of face shields and masks to all the frontline workers. Based on the public welfare case petitioned by Satyamurthy of Madurai, the above order has been drawn into force inside Tamil Nadu.

With the implementation of the proposed security measures, the increasing CoVid spread to the front line workers can be curtailed.

More than 410 Police Officers who are prone to the CoronaVirus are back to work after full recovery.

Nowadays, Police assault on Public has been an increasing factor that threatens more than CoronaVirus. A recent hotspot of Thoothukudi father-son death case digs several similar issues to the Court seeking justice.

Also, the Judges of the Madurai High Court questions the police in different angles regarding the assault and brutality occurring continuously in the Kovilpatti Jail. Despite all, the judges ordered the respective officials to handover the CCTV footage of activities inside the Jail as soon as possible.

The Madurai High Court Judges panel under Judiciary Prakash's hearing demands the Police Department to take proper medical consultation due to the work pressure and mental stress happening on grounds.