Traffic Violators Alert: Did you check your Vehicle E-Challan?

Traffic Violators Alert: Did you check your Vehicle E-Challan
Traffic Violators Alert: Did you check your Vehicle E-Challan

When was the last time you checked your E-Challan? Many of us have no idea about the Traffic Violations E-Challan, which is active for the last couple of years. E-Challan is a penalty receipt issued by the traffic police department who captured Traffic violators from HD cameras installed in all Traffic signals.

Traffic violators can use the cashless payment method to pay their fine directly on the official govt E-Challan - Digital Traffic website with the help of vehicle numbers and the chassis numbers as shown in the image which illustrates the steps to Pay Traffic Fine Online.

This made the Police department a bit stress-free by looking at the violaters. The launch made the police not to receive cash from any violaters.

Errors in E-challan: Although there are many welcoming for the E-Challan, there are still some public issues with the often occurring error. The standard error that occurs is wrongly issuing E-challan, and even after paying the offense, the E-Chellan stays, which makes the violaters chaotic.

The police receive continuous complaints from the public on social media regarding the errors, and they are taking initiatives to sort out the issues through online websites.

SMS Alert to Vehicle: It is mandatory to register the mobile number with the vehicle owner's RC book and keep updated for no future issues. If your vehicle is already registered in RTO, update your mobile number in Parivahan.

Once the vehicle violates the rules, the message alert is sent to the registered mobile number with the registration number of the vehicle and the note of rule-breaking activity.

In some cases, the alert has been sent along with the picture of the violating activity. The details are being captured through the registration database.

It is safe to register the mobile number with the RC book so that the violator gets updated with the offense and fine. If the violator is unaware of the rule-breaking activity, then the penality gets increased.

License cancelation: If the driver fails to pay the penalty issued through E-Challan by his ignorance, the consequence must be faced in court with multiple money.

Initially, after the issue of E challan, the nearby constable will enquire the location of the registered violator to collect the challan. If the violator refuses to pay, then the violator will be taken to court under breaking the rule. If the violator refuses to come to a court session, the license will get canceled with no further arguments.

Therefore it is necessary to keep a frequent check on the E-challan for the safer side.