Taliban To Announce The Establishment Of The New Government Today

Image Credit: Syed Aafaq
Image Credit: Syed Aafaq

The Taliban is expected to announce a new government in Afghanistan today. It is likely that this will not be like the Taliban government, which was before 20 years imposing strict rules over women and other Afghans. 

Afghans wanted women to be part of the Government, but the Taliban strictly said women would not share the space in the Government. More than 50 women protested in the streets in Herat yesterday to demand the right to work under the new Government.

The Taliban have been trying to form a new government following the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan over the past 20 years. It has been reported that Hibatullah Akhundzada is appointed as Afghanistan's supreme leader. The Taliban have said they want to form a government in Afghanistan same as Iran.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a senior Taliban leader and official spokesman for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has said that women can work as usual in Afghanistan. There will be no place for women in the new Government, and they will not be appointed to fundamental positions.

As a result, more than 50 women protested in the streets in Herat yesterday, demanding the rights to work under the new Government. The photos of those women protesting on the road against the Taliban was going viral on social media.

He also told that."We will soon form a new government for national unity. We want to start a government on a very small scale. That is, we will have half the number of ministers in the previous Government."

As already known, the new Government in Afghanistan will focus on Islam. The country's supreme leader will be appointed, and he will act as head of political and religious affairs. He is the one who has the power over the Chancellor and appoints the leaders of the army, the Government and the judiciary. Under him, the Chancellor will be assigned.

The Taliban have already appointed governors, police chiefs and provincial and district commanders. At the same time, the name, national flag and anthem for the new administration are yet to be decided.

The Taliban have said that the new Government in Afghanistan will be a government for all. It has been expected that the information on the new Government will be announced this afternoon. Afghans are waiting for the Taliban to establish a new Government that will be good for all.  At the same time, people need the fundamental rights of Afghans and to meet the commitments on promises made by the Taliban.