Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update
Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update

Kamal in a diplomatic way ends the triangle love issue and increases  TRP on the 27th day of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil

Kamal tried his best to resolve the triangle love issue haunting the last few days of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil.  He said there is a limit for anyone to enter into the other's privacy and it is only them to decide on it. 

He also postponed the announcement of the one saved out of five in the eviction list to increase the TRP for tomorrow being a Sunday for many more to watch the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show.

Cup game makes Reshma the captain for next week:

The 26th-day remaining events start on the screen on the 27th-day show. The three captain nominees were asked to select their team.  It is a game arranging the cups by saving them from getting hit by the balls of the opposite side.  

The Reshma team won it.  Reshma becomes the captain for next week.  That leaves Saravanan to be once again eligible for eviction on Sunday.

Mohan Vaidya makes the most of the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show:

Mohan Vaidya in a happy mood hugs Reshma twice. Once it was after the game and once after Kamal announcing her as the captain. He also plays a cameo of a Remo and makes an excellent dance performance with all the young girls.

The next day morning also for the disco dancer song he makes a fantastic dance movement with Sakshi. It seems that Mohan Vaidya is making the most of Bigg Boss 3  Tamil show than Kavin now.

Next start the program Frooti Life Chat Show to bring the truth of many contestants:

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update

Abirami was the host for the chat show with 14 Q cards. She will take one card and read out the name.  She will then select one person from the contestants other than the Q card named contestant. 

He/She will say two stories about the Q card contestant. All the contestants will have one Frooti placard with two sides. One side will be juicy, and the other side is fresh. 

Out of the two stories, one should be real and another fake. The contestants should raise the card juicy if it is false and raise fresh if it is true. Sandy made the most of Reshma.

Sakshi celebrating her birthday crying out of joy:

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update

Sakshi celebrates her birthday with a cake from the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house. Her family and friends come on the video call and wish her happy birthday. Sakshi thanks big boss for such a birthday gift. Sakshi started crying with joy and consoled by all the girls.

Mohan Vaidya is the first under fire from Kamal:

Kamal, as usual, makes his entry into the stage in a powerful way. He says that love has taken over everything in the show. He wishes Sakshi happy birthday and gets straight into the action. 

Mohan Vaidya is the first to be questioned after congratulating Vaidya for his voice of Oprah. Then Kamal asked Mohan Vaidya why he is changing teams and also whether he doesn't like to clean toilets. To that, Vaidya says he does not dislike cleaning, but it was Cheran out of goodwill does not want him to clean. 

To that, Kamal says those who can let waste, should also know to clean them.

Losliya's piercing Sherin's heart-shaped chapati is the next topic:

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Today and Day 27 Written Update

Next comes Losliya's knife into the heart of Sherin's chapati. But Losliya even though questioned deeply says nothing is behind the knife piercing but only because Tharshan did not eat with her as usual. 

Kamal made a funny comment of why so many plates when many are sharing their food.

Meera and the meeting issue became a heated topic:

Meera issue was next, and she said there are many, but Kamal said the core issue of Meera's problem. He said she wants to portray herself right for the audience.

And Kamal added that she doesn't have to do that because the audience knows the truth. Meera continues with the happenings of the Tick Tick game to which Kamal says that is not for individual performance but that of a team effort.

Then came the question of why the issue went to Sakshi. Again Meera gave a detailed explanation. Kamal looked a bit quizzical and then came the comment of the day from Kamal "who knows what Kavin thinks."

Then Sakshi explained her side.  Sandy and Cheran wanted to know who wanted the meeting of all the contestants by a Kurumpadam.

Kamal shows Kurumpadam to vindicate Sakshi:

Kamal to the cheers of the audience and the contestants showed the Kurumpadam. It showed crystal clear of Sakshi wanting a meeting in the first place.

Then Kamal wanted the contestants' opinion of the issue. Many said Sakshi had language problem and Meera had memory loss. But Kamal concluded that it was Shakshi who wanted the meeting. Politely and in an experienced way, brought the matter towards Kavin.

Finally, Kavin and the triangle love issue:

Kavin's request of please leave the matter to Kamal was not heeded by Kamal. Kavin said that he had put his best effort into convincing the two girls. But even then Kamal continued with the bombardment of Kavin.

He said if the happenings were sacred, how hurt will be there. He also questioned how the issue did not happen when it was four and only come now when it has come down to two. 

Then after Kavin confessing that it was his mistake to play with other's feelings, Kamal said it is a correct fact. He also said that he could not fool the audience with his friends attitude towards the girls as he goes and talks to them during the night.

Kamal brings a bar of chocolate into the show:

After jokes of banana, it was chocolate again the centre of the issue today. Two more chocolates brought into the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil house. Initially, Kavin gave the first chocolate to Sakshi only. 

Next, he gave the other chocolate to Losliya. Kamal ended the issue by stating that as a father or a brother, there is a limit to not go beyond as it will affect their privacy and the contestants only should solve it.

The 27th day ended without announcing the one saved contestant out of the five to keep the tempo of the show for tomorrow. Kamal tried his best to resolve the triangle love issue even with Sakshi not convinced of it.

Only tomorrow it has to be seen who is the evicted person and how the contestants take the triangle love issue.

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