Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Day 22 Filled With Nomination and Romance

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestant Tharshan
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestant Tharshan

Kavin and Losliya love scenes bring back nostalgic moments for the elders and a feel-good factor for the youth

Day 22 started with the suspense of what happened under the umbrella between Sandy and Sherin during dancing. It was all fun in the morning coffee time among the contestants. Then the fight started between Vaidya and Saravanan. 

The obscure action of Saravanan against Vaidya in the morning has irritated him, and he was furious about him. Sakshi and team further ignited it. Then Sakshi consoled the uncontrollably sobbing Vaidya and Cheran also reassured him. 

Mediation by Sandy and Kavin did not solve the Vaidya problem:

Kavin complained to Saravanan about the Vaidya issue in the bathroom. Sandy intervened and brought Saravanan to Vaidya who asked sorry to him. But it did not console him.

Meera seems to be the target this week for elimination by all contestants:

Next came the all-important nomination of contestants for the eviction list this week. Almost all the contestants wanted Meera to be out of the show. Various reasons were cited and even Cheran in the morning was gossiping about Meera.  Meera got 11 votes. Next was Saravanan, who seems to be the next target and got five votes.  

Cheran, who was hugely hurt of being jailed, got four votes. And next was Mohan who got two votes.  Abirami was targeted by Saravanan and  Sakshi and got two votes.   But it seems from the contestants' votes the eviction list of bigg boss will sure have Meera and Saravanan in it.

Eviction list of Bigg Boss Tamil House:

As expected Meera, Saravanan was in the five-member list of eviction. To that Cheran, Abirami and Vaidya were included in the list. It seems that the big boss list is in line with that of the contestants. Missed Call numbers to save contestants and to vote in Hotstar Explained here.

Madhumitha crying during lunch preparations:

Madhumithag safe for the first time in the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 for the last three weeks was snubbed by Saravanan and started crying. She was consoled surprisingly by Sakshi and then calmed by Saravanan.  Then it was love flirting among Kavin & Losliya and also among Abirami and Mugen. 

"Whatever I say is true" the game of the day:

Cheran started it by saying Losliya as his daughter and will get her married to a 'good son-in-law.' To that, the camera focuses on Kavin. This game revealed much truth of the opinion of contestants of each other. 

Here also Meera seems to be the soft target of all contestants. Then contestants started making fun of Kavin and Losliya.

They made Losliya call Kavin' brother' which she reluctantly obliged. It brought more of love scenes between Kavin and Losliya. The day ended with a surprising and excellent performance of Vaidya of giving a voice like that of a concert to the admiration of all the contestants.

The youth will sure welcome the love flirting of Kavin and Losliya for its reality.  It is lovely to watch on the TV screen for many audiences around the world. It brings back nostalgic memories to the elders also.  Altogether today's show would have been enjoyed by all for its wide range of coverage of elimination, love, complaining, and many others.