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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 October 19: Why Abishek Often Projected On Cameras?

Bigg Boss Tamil 5

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is moving well with no massive clashes nor misunderstandings, which makes the show a little dull. The Bigg Boss 5 contestants get more offers than the previous season contestants. Although four seasons have passed, Bigg Boss Season 3 Tamil holds the attention to date among the fans. 

The "Panjabootham" task that is currently starting at the Big Boss house is presently causing chaos. The task confuses the viewers as well in a particular point. The task was given to stealing five coins kept in the house. The person will be sent to jail if others see him stealing the coin.

Individuals who steal coins in this way can save their favourite person or themselves from the nomination. So it is understandable that they did not steal. The task went interesting in yesterday's episode. Imman Annachi read the rules of the game "Panja Thanthiram."

The game says that the coins kept at the house can be stolen at any time. There are no time limits, and the contestants can take the coins in the morning, evening, or night. Soon after the buzzer, the game began.

The housemates were overseeing the other contestants because there was a rule that if the housemate was caught while stealing the coin, he/she would be put in jail. It was also said that the alterations would be made anytime in the game by the Bigg Boss.

The housemates were seriously discussing whom to save in this week eviction. Iykki Berry stole the first coin with the help of Annachi to save Isaivani. Following that, Abishek stole the coin; next was Varun and then Madumitha. In yesterday's promo, it was shown as if Thamarai Selvi was crying to Abishek to save her from this eviction.

It is well known that fans and fellow contestants understand that Abhishek is the only contestant who shows up mostly on promos and in the show. Even after his appearance in Bigg Boss Tamil, Abishek Raaja haters still remains as the haters. It seems like he is seeking attention.

Many people are of the opinion that he is interfering in all matters as if he is projecting himself in all matters.  Even in yesterday's task, he was actively participating at the same time few words of him are hurting others. 

Especially during the captaincy task, his words towards Isaivani was not good, but still, it was not taken seriously as it was a part of the task. Abishek Raaja often uses the word 'strategy' in the show. This makes the viewers think whether Abishek is really using 'strategy' to come on cameras.

Even in yesterday's promo, Abishek pointed, 'Just listen to what I have to say, Big Boss is a game that has no room for sentiment; it is a whole mind game'. Is he really trying to take the complete game by gaining attention? It is the question that pops in viewers and among the other contestants.