Bigg Boss 5 Tamil: Milla To Be The First Confirmed BB Tamil Contestant

Milla And Actress Shakeela
Milla And Actress Shakeela

Bigg Boss season 5 is the most trending topic when it comes to Tamil entertainment. So many exciting names are being aired across the Bigg Boss fans. Shakeelas's daughter Milla is said to be the first confirmed contestant for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

In recent days Bogg Boss fans are waiting to know the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. The recent picture of GP Muthu in front of the Bigg Boss set stirred among the fans with an update that GP Muthu will be a part of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

But later, it was revealed that he would not be the contestant; instead, it was just captured. There is a rule in Bigg Boss that the contestants are not supposed to reveal that they are participating in the reality show. This conveyed that GP Muthu is not a participant of BB Tamil. The excitement of GP Muthu fans went in vain after hearing the update.

It is confirmed that Shakeela's daughter Milla will be one of the eighteen contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5. People started to search the details, and the bio of Milla after know the confirmed status. Although the official Bigg Boss Tamil 5 contestant list is not yet released, the expectation is on top to see the name of Mila in the list.

Milla is known for her open heart of direct talks and kind nature. She is a person with zero hatred with huge numbers of fans in Tamil Nadu. Milla has shared most of her hard times and happy times during the interviews. She became the viral talk after her guest entry in Cook With Comali Season.

Many wondered that Actress Shakeela hasn't married, but how does she have a daughter? After so many talks, the existence of Mila in Shakeela's life was revealed. Shakeela is not the biological mother of Milla rather, Milla was adopted. Shakeela has also told in Cook with Comali 2 that she has an adopted child.

Mila is a transgender child who was taken care of and moulded by Shakeela. Milla was thrown out from her actual family members after knowing her hormonal changes. Milla is born in Dubai after facing a hard time, she shifted to Chennai, where she graduated in costume designing and became a model.

During her journey in Chennai, Milla met Shakeela that is where the mother-daughter relationship bloomed. The emotional strength given by Shakeel to Milla can be noticed in the interviews spoken by Milla. Milla says that she is like to have a mother like Shakeela and often praises her mother in interviews.

When she came to Chennai, Milla was working as a serial artist in Tamil channels, but she was criticized for her female behaviour. Even when she was a male, Mila had goos times apart from criticisms where she looked smart. In an interview, she says that she has lived both male and female lives well.

Milla has shared most of her hard times with the media via interviews. This made her have a good rapo with her fans. Her direct talks on her gender increased her fan followers. Milla is running a Youtube Channel named "Milla Baby gal" with more than 35k subscribers. In it, she shared her daily routines and her meet up with celebrities.

Her fans are celebrating the recent update on her entry to Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil. She also said she would speak for her identity and fellow mates if she got into Bigg Boss.