Money Heist Season 5: A Short Recap Of Money Heist Early Seasons

Money Heist Poster
Money Heist Poster

The eagerness and curiosity keep bouncing to watch the most awaited Money Heist Season 5, which is set fot its release on September 3. The first four seasons best scenes are hard to forget, and the initial season was concluded with so many questions. It is expected that the final season will give answers to the unanswered questions of early seasons.

Money Heist circles around eight robbers who get into The Royal mint to print billions of Euros. The Professor plays the most crucial role in the series, acting as the leader and a guide for the robbers. He has a criminal mastermind, which will work smoothly to a perfect extent.  The Professor will instruct the robbers with few rules and call them Tokyo, Nairobi, Denver, Rio, Moscow, Berlin, Helsinki and Oslo.

The plot is with love, laughter and emotions, along with gun fires and clashes. The Professor trains the robbers by staying in a big bungalow for five months before the robbery. The plot to enter and to exit from the bank was well sketched during the training. The training period will not be screened in the initial scenes; rather, it will be a screened between the main plot, which will not describe the main scenes.

The heist members' looting of Money from the royal mint is a crime for sure, but the series still makes the viewers support the heist members even after knowing that they are criminals. This is the strong connection that the director gives to the viewers and the heroes of Money Heist.

Money Heist Season four concluded with the heist members as they try to flee from the bank of Spain. In the last episode, it can be noticed that Raquel Murillo gets rejoined with the heist members in the bank while Gandia was unconscious.

When it comes to the glimpse of the Money Heist early seasons Tokyo Bike scene, Nairobi death, Love between Denver and Monica, Irritating face of Arturo, fight scenes of Gandia, activities of Berlin, the relationship of Rio and Tokyo, the way Professor handled his relationship with Raquel, Berlin shooting Denver, Berlin throwing Tokyo out of the bank are few scenes that strike the memories.

The fourth season of the series, which has a bank robbery storyline, received a massive hit in India. The Money Heist series was watched by many Indians last year during the Corona curfew. After the impact of season 4, the series gathered a huge fan base. Now the next part of the series is out on September 3. Money Heist Season 5 trailer gathered huge attention in a few hours of its release.

When the Money Heist Season 1 was released, the team did not gain much attention as they expected. But, after the second episode's release, the season caught fire and the intention and the audience understood the concept. Following a good reach comes the Money Heist Season 3 and Money Heist Season 4. 

Money Heist has the maximum fans bases worldwide when it comes to the web series. Verve Logic, a private company based in Rajasthan, has given employees a holiday to watch the "Money Heist" web series released on Netflix OTT Tomorrow. 

Money Height Season 5 will be out on Netflix from tomorrow, September 3. September 3 was the most expected date for the Money Heist fans, and finally, the day has come. Following this, many fans have already started to use the hashtags on Money Heist on Twitter which is going on-trend. 

Money Heist is a web series created by Alex Pina. It was first released in 2017 under La Casa de Papel on the Spanish television channel Antenna 3. Netflix acquired the rights and cut its original 15 episodes to 22 episodes, putting it on the list of international shows under the name Money Heist. Season 5 contains ten episodes where it will be released in two volumes. The first five episodes will b released tomorrow, and the next five episodes will be released in December.

In one of his Instagram posts, the director of Money Heist tweeted, "It is impossible to explain what it feels like to finish LA CASA DE PAPEL. Because it is not just a series, it's our house. Our family. Our battlefield. Our dream is achieved. It's hard to say goodbye to a four-year journey that has changed our lives, and in which we had given EVERYTHING: when we were small and when we were great, when we failed and when we succeeded, when we had almost nothing and when we had almost everything. The delivery was the same. The passion was the same. Forever. Until the end. And the end has come."

He continued, "With me, forever, I take the best team that anyone can dream of and a cast of unrepeatable actors and actresses, who are already part of my family. The last battle has been the biggest and the hardest, and we have fought it to the last breath. Because we wanted to give you the most epic, most spectacular, and most exciting season of all, the result is for you. And for us, the journey. And without a doubt, colleagues, it has been worth it. P.D: @migusgreen, my friend, the one that we have bundled."

This tweet made the fans know about the Money Heist journey that the cast and crew travelled. The tweet went viral on social media and melted the hearts of many. Only a few more hours are left for the fans to set the comfy zone to watch the most awaited Money Heist season 5. At the same time, it is a bit hard to accept that Money Heist Season 5 will be the final season of the Money Heist series.