Boomika Movie Review: Watch Boomika Tamil Full Movie On Netflix

Boomika Movie Poster
Boomika Movie Poster

Rathindran R Prasad directs the film Boomika under the production companies Stone Bench Films Passion Studios. Roberto Zazzara has made beautiful cinematography with the editing of Anand Geraldin. The film was released on Vijay Tv, and now it is streaming on Netflix.

Boomika team released two trailers for the film, which aroused the curiosity to watch the movie, and now the film is released. Aishwarya Rajesh's Thittam Irandu (Plan B) has grabbed the attention by its twists and turns, and the fans expected the same in this film Boomika.

Vidhu is building villas for the minister in an unused estate area near Ooty for many years. He is accompanied by his wife, Child psychiatrist Samyuytha (Aishwarya Rajesh), younger sister Madhuri(Aditi) and friend Surya Ganapathi (Gayathri). Everything was moving fine until the night falls. That night, Surya received messages from Vidhu's friend Krishna. She was excited by sending instant replies and even shared her photo.

When the two had finished chatting, Vidhu went outside and returned home, telling his friend Krishna had died in an accident. So everyone is confused as to who did the texting and chatting like him. She was receiving messages even after switching off the mobile phone. Following are some mysterious incidents—the reason for all that is the rest of the film's story.

The film did not fill the expectations of the fans as the story travelled with no logic. There seem many drawbacks to the movie, and the viewers did not wholly enjoy it. No flaws can be told in the background scoring and the cinematography, as it was one of the positives in the film. The film was average which can be watched once.

The one-line story of the film Boomika is not to destroy nature instead to save the environment. No human should think to destroy nature, trees, water, and the mother earth is the only message that the film is trying to convey. The content of the film is good, but it was not delivered; it was abrupt. 

This message has been delivered through horror and thrill that wraps the film with tension and seriousness. All the characters have played their role to their limits as there are so many in-depth scripts for the characters. Avantika is done her role beautifully, which must be appreciated, and without a doubt, the viewers would have been amazed by her acting.

The negatives of the film Boomika can be listed out where there is no connection between the plots. The primary genre of the film is horror thrillers, but in some scenes, the thrill and horror are missing. The tensions keep beating only with the background scoring. The ghost is not considered a ghost in some scenes, and its importance is not given where the characters are not frightened when they see a ghost.

The Boomika movie is entirely predictable as it also has the same concept as old cinemas, and there is no logic in some scenes that will disturb the viewers. This film is a good attempt made to deliver the message through horror. The characters are minimised, and much importance could have been given to the little boy character.

No one has tried to deliver the environmental content through horror films so that this film can be told as a good attempt. And this film is a one-time watch film. Since there is no adult content, Boomika can be watched with family.

Boomika Movie Review: Watch Boomika Tamil Full Movie On Netflix

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