Pune Porsche Accident Case: 2 Doctors Arrested By Crime Branch

Pune Porsche Accident Case Update
Pune Porsche Accident Case Update

Pune Crime Branch arrested Two doctors for falsifying the reports in the Pune Porsche Car Accident that happened on May 19 and this news created a lot of outrage among the Indian People.

Two Doctors Arrested:

The Pune Porsche Car accident case involved many manipulative actions and in addition to that, two forensic doctors were arrested in Pune for forging the documents. 

Pune Crime Branch department arrested two doctors Dr Ajay Tawre and Dr Shri Hari Harnor from the Sasoon Hospital. Dr Ajay Tawre is the head of the forensic lab at the state-run clinic in Pune. These two doctors have created fake documentation and reported the results of the 17-year-old's liquor content in his body were negative.

Against two doctors' reports, there is a CCTV camera video of the teen consuming alcohol with his friends in the pub, which resulted in the arrest of  Dr Ajay Tawre and Dr Shri Hari Harnor.

Public Reaction Case To The Pune Porsche Accident:

The public was always in favor of the victims of the Pune Porsche Crash, the two IT employees who died in the accident. From the start of the case, people are fishy about the case and can see the injustice that happened to the victims Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya and support their families.

The local people with the family and friends of the victims held a protest regarding the cruel Pune Porsche Car Accident. The protest was held in front of the Pune Municipal Corporation on May 26 seeking justice for Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya who died in the accident.

Essay Writing Competition Protest:

The Pune Porsche Car accident happened on Kalyani road where the teenager drove the car at the speed of 160 -200 kmph speed in a narrow lane.

The teen was bailed out smoothly and to shock the punishment given by the Police was to write a 300-word essay that tensed the public and created a lot of frustration and outrage among Indian People. 

Social worker Changdeo Gite created an intellectual protest evaluating the situation and came up with an essay writing competition in Kalyani Nagar yesterday morning where the accident happened on May 19.

The essay topics were more specific to the Pune Porsche car accident case and the given topics for the essays were, 'What would I have done if my father was a builder’, ‘What would I do if I became a policeman’, ‘Ill effects of drinking’, ‘My favourite car’, ‘The law is the same for all’, ‘Today’s youth and their relation to addiction’, ‘How to build better roads to avoid accidents’, ‘Does India have equality in law’, and ‘My ideal Pune city’.

There are over 100 people who joined the essay competition and the winner of the essay writing competition will be awarded Rs 11,111.

Pune Porsche Car Accident Case:

A wealthy 17-year-old teenager after passing his class 12 result, celebrated it with his friends in two pubs, even though the legal age for drinking in Maharashtra is 25. 

The intoxicated teen spent 69000 in two pubs for alcohol and drove his father's Porsche car which led to the accident, killing two 24-year-old IT workers Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya.

The Pune Porsche Car accident and the 17-year-old drinking in pubs were caught on CCTV camera and the Police arrested the teen. The Pune Juvenile accepted the bail request and sent him home considering him as a teen within 15 hours.

The Public saw this decision as unfair and unjust to the IT workers who lost their lives. The families of the victim Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya believe this a murder, not an accident. 

The general public support for the victim's family increases as the Pune Porsche car accident case brings a new twist every day.

17-year-old Family:

The 17-year-old Vedant Agarwal belonged to a powerful realtor family and the teen's father is Vishal Agarwal and his grandfather is Surendra Kumar Agarwal who created a lot of skepticism around the case.

First Vishal Agarwal made an escape plan and tried to flee from the police to Chhatrapati Sambhajinaga, leading the police in different directions by using one of his drivers to drive the car to Goa. 

However, the police arrested Vishal Agarwal, and following him Surendra Kumar Agarwal was also arrested for forcing and kidnapping his driver Gangadhar Shivraj Herikrub, aged 41, to accept that he drove the car during the car accident in return for a huge sum of money. 

Gangadhar's family rescued him from Agarwal. This news came to light when police found the driver and then Gangadhar confessed to the police about his kidnap and threats thrown towards him.