Suriya gets Kamal and from other unprecedented support for his speech

Suriya gets Kamal and from other unprecedented support for his speech
Suriya gets Kamal and from other unprecedented support for his speech

Actor and Politician Kamal Haasan Supports Suriya Educational View

Yesterday i.e.16th July 2019 veteran actor and Leader of Maiyam political party Kamal Hassan supported Suriya for his speech against National Education Policy and condemned the ruling parties

After the backlash from the BJP leaders on 15th July 2019 for his speech indicating the irregularities of the draft NEP or the national education policy, there were many supporters for Suriya in Tamil Nadu.

Kamal's congratulatory letter to Suriya:

Kamal Hassan now also a political leader in his tweet accompanied by a congratulation letter to Suriya and condemnation to ruling parties He confirmed that Suriya has all the right and quality to speak about the draft policy as he has been in the uplift of the poor rural students for a long time.

He also said that Suriya and his family have been helping them for years.  It is a big welcome move for Suriya who was badly battered by the BJP and AIADMK for his speech. (Read our article  for details into the BJP and ADMK attack on Suriya)

Support for Suriya from unexpected quarters:

Anbumani Ramdoss, the youth wing leader of PMK also supported Suriya for his stand on the NEP.  He said that nothing is wrong in what Suriya has said and the PMK's stance against NEET still holds ground.

Also Nam Tamilar party leader Seeman came down heavily against those who oppose Suriya's speech.  In a report today Seeman came in full support of Suriya's speech and explained the reality of every word of Suirya.

To know about full Suriya speech read our article. He also challenged those who opposed it have the guts to debate in a public forum. 

With Kamal supporting Suriya, What is the stand of other celebrities?

With Kamal supporting Suriya over the imposition of Hindi into Tamil Nadu and the NEP, the Tamil people are eager to know what is the stand of the other celebrities.  As usual Superstar, Rajni Kanth remains silent, and even others are scared of the mighty BJP and the ruling party.

In such circumstance, Suriya coming out in the open to voice against the irregularities and the support of Kamal is commendable.  With only views like Suriya, Kamal and Seeman the NEP irregularities and the Hindi imposition on Tamil Nadu could be averted.

Or it could lead to circumstances that were equal to that of the imposition of NEET on the Tamil people when AIIMS and JIPMER were excluded from it. Tamil Nadu with the maximum number of medical colleges for a state with almost all the districts having medical colleges was the worst affected by NEET. Same should not happen with the implementation of NEP and imposition of Hindi.