Tamil Nadu COVID Updates: Principal Secretary Radhakrishnan on COVID

The second way of COVID 19 increases the fresh cases
The second way of COVID 19 increases the fresh cases

India is finding its way to heal from the deadly coronavirus, which is sucking people's lives. Other countries are making an effort to help the nation by providing ventilators and funds.

Imposing of lockdown is much needed in many states of India since the cases are increasing every day. The public started to panic by watching the news and initiated to volunteer themself to get vaccinated.

Karnataka has imposed a continuous lockdown for two weeks to control the second wave, but still, the cases are increasing. North parts of India are affected more, and still, oxygen shortages are prevailing in some areas.

There are many complaints lodging against the medical department mentioning inadequate supply of medicine and facilities. Also, in recent days, it is said that the vaccination process is not appropriately done, the medicine is not injected.

The condition in India is getting compressed, and it is consoling to see the other countries helping India. Google has funded Rs 135 Crores to India, which is the current trending news. The unity among the states within India plays a significant role in this current situation. 

Sterlite Plant at Thoothukudi issue is cleared by letting them work for the next four months, but still, people are protesting against the opening. No one can be blamed at this time because the essential need for Oxygen can only save lives.

Tamil Nadu has increased the testing centers as well as accelerated the vaccination process. There is a sufficient amount of Oxygen, and to note, oxygen shortages are not found in the state.

Radhakrishnan, Principal Secretary Health and Family Welfare of Tamil Nadu, addressed the press this morning and said that the wastage of vaccination has reduced and the addition of 2000 beds will be actioned.

Tamil Nadu covid 19 Report April 26, 2021

The new positive cases in Tamil Nadu are high in Chengalpattu (1142), Chennai (4250), Coimbatore (1056), Erode (505), Madurai (524), Thiruvallur (838), and Thoothukudi (503).

More than two deaths are in Chengalpattu (4), Chennai (35), Kancheepuram (9), Madurai (4), and Thiruvallur (4). The overall death of yesterday is 94.

The total number of fresh cases in Tamil Nadu on Monday is  15,684. Principal  Health Secretary Radhakrishnan said there was a minute pause in the rising virus during the Sunday lockdown.

Following the COVID protocols will help to tackle the second wave. Wearing the masks at public places and maintaining social distancing is the key is to avoid the spread.