Shivin Gets Emotional And Made The Big Boss and Her Community Proud

Bigg Boss Season 6
Bigg Boss Season 6

Shivin is winning hearts among Bigg Boss viewers after the release of the recent promo. Shivin stood very emotional and wholeheartedly conveyed her success.

Bigg Boss Tamil 6 has successfully completed its 100th day and is nearing the finals. Even the evicted contestants are enjoying the final days along with the finalists. Bigg Boss Tamil 6 finalists are Vikraman, Azeem, Myna, Amudhavanan and Shivin.

In the recent episode, Kathiravan left the Bigg Boss house taking the Money bag that had 3 lakhs. Many viewers expected that he will take the cash but no one thought that he will take the cash so early. Similarly to that, Bigg Boss has kept a money box again. It is said that Shivin might leave the house taking the money.

There are high chances for her to be the title winner but her decision made by her is disappointing. In this situation, a promo has been released which has made the Bigg Boss viewers go emotional. Being a transgender Shivin entered the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 show as a commoner and stood till the finals. Her memory lane was admirable and Bigg Boss said that she made the Bigg Boss show and her community proud.

After listening to Bigg Boss she was overwhelmed in tears and said that she has completed the purpose of coming to Bigg Boss and cried. This promo is receiving a wide range of responses.