TTF Vasan Controversy: Arrested Again For Over speeding In Car?

TTF Vasan Arrest Controversy
TTF Vasan Arrest Controversy

Young Youtuber and moto vlogger  TTF Vasan is arrested again for driving the car recklessly in Madurai. He is charged under 6 sections for driving rashly and for speaking over the phone while driving. TTF Vasan, raised questions over the issue regarding his arrest, and this news is currently trending on social media.

Who Is TTF Vasan?

TTF Vasan is a young moto vlogger from the Coimbatore district and has turned into a YouTube celebrity with a steady fan following. TTF Vasan's YouTube channel 'Twin Throttlers' has followers of around 4.6 million. 

He is a Popular YouTuber, who is frequently involved in controversies. He often gets in the trap of police, and a similar thing has happened once again. He has been arrested in Madurai following his video in which he was speaking over the phone. It is reported that the biker was driving the car at high speed and was caught by the police.

TTF Vasan Fan Following:

The well-known TTF Vasan used to upload videos of his adventures on expensive bikes on his YouTube channel. He has many fans across the state who admire his stunts and rides. Some fans love him to the extent that they try to follow TTF stunts and some even opened the YouTubes following him. One such channel is the 'Kutty TTF'. There are several cases filed against TTF Vasan for speeding on a bike and violating traffic rules.

He injured himself in a motorcycle accident on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway near Kanchipuram and was booked under five sections.

This incident became the talk of the town at the time. After receiving proper medical treatment, TTF Vasan was arrested and taken to Puzhal Jail in Chennai. He was released on bail after spending 45 days in prison. 

Due to the accident, the court decided to jam his driving license for 10 years for constantly breaking the traffic rules. Then, TTF Vasan resumed his YouTube continuously posting the car vlogs on his channel after he stopped driving the bikes.

TTF Vasan Arrest:

In this case, the Madurai Anna Nagar police have arrested YouTuber TTF Vasan. It is said he was en route to Thoothukudi from Chennai via Madurai by car a few days ago. He is alleged to have been driving while talking on his cell phone without following the speed limit.

A complaint was filed with the Annanagar Police on behalf of Madurai City Armed Forces Constable Manibharathi. Following the complaint, the Anna nagar police registered a case against him under 6 categories, including careless driving and driving while talking on a cell phone.

Following this, the Anna Nagar police arrested TTF Vasan. The police are currently investigating the case. It is said that this time TTF Vasan will be arrested under a non-bailable case for risking not only his life but also public life danger with his reckless driving.

TTF Vasan Raised Questions Following Arrest:

In this situation, TTF Vasan raised questions against the law and equality while he was taken the court in front of the media. He is in police custody today and is taken to the police station knowing about his arrest, the press gathered on his way to question him. Seeing the media, he voiced his opinions.

TTF Vasan asked the press that he is the only bad influence, not the bars and wine shops on every street. He vented his frustration and mentioned the Pune Porsche car accident, where two people were killed by a teenager who was bailed out within 15 hours. He questioned why the teenager could be bailed out and why he couldn't.

He continues the accusations and details about the discrimination he faces in this case. He emphasizes that he does not come from a wealthy or political background and states that because he has gained popularity himself, he can't be treated differently.

TTF Vasan questions the police, asking why they can't stay on the road to find out how many people are violating traffic rules by not wearing helmets and driving drunk while he was taken to court by the police.

On his way to court with the police, he concluded by stating that he has a belief in law and court and expected to get justice for himself as he never endangered anyone's life and added that he was on speaker when was driving the car.

TTF Vasan Trending:

As a social media star, TTF Vasan received support from his followers and fans who claimed that the accusations against him were baseless. They are calling for justice on his behalf and highlighting the discrimination he faces with the same questions TTF Vasan raised.

While many fans support him, there are others who are unhappy with his actions and are completely against him stating that he is influencing his subscribers in a dangerous way. This is taken on a serious note because most of his followers are below 25 years of age. Due to this situation, he is currently trending in social media.