Gang Rape Survivor Fernanda Finds Strength, Continues World Tour

Jharkhand Gang Rape Survivor
Jharkhand Gang Rape Survivor

Gang rape survivor Fernanda, a Spanish tourist, has shared a video on her Instagram page stating that she left for Nepal and wanted all the bad things that happened to her to stay in India itself.

Fernanda, a moto vlogger with Spanish and Brazilian citizenship, was on a world tour with her husband. This Spanish couple travelled to 62 countries on their motorcycle to create memorable experiences, and India was the 63rd country they were exploring.

In this situation, when the couple stopped at one place and had a tent stay, a few men surrounded the tent and hit her husband, and eight men gang-raped her. This incident shook the nation, and with the intense search, the Police arrested the three accused at the initial stage, and in the following days, the Police arrested the other five accused. Jharkhand Police gave the compensation amount of Rupees 10 Lakhs to the survivor Fernanda's husband. 

In this situation, Fernanda uploaded a story stating, "We arrived in Nepal, all our papers have been stamped, and now it's time for a new country. I want what happened in India to stay there, I will not take it with me and will try to forget it. Life goes on, and there is no need to complain; bad things happen, but what matters is how you react to them.' She also posted that many fake profiles have been created with my name. Please report them.