Pune Porsche Accident: Doctors Replace Teens Blood Sample

Pune Porche Accident
Pune Porche Accident

Pune Porsche accident gets development as the blood samples showing the 17-year-old as negative for consuming alcohol is fake. This makes the public even more frustrated over the case.

Atul Ghatkamble was arrested for playing the middleman between the doctors and the accused to deliver the money. It was said that the doctors were allegedly offered over 3 lakhs to replace the blood sample which can show no traces of alcohol.

Hospital Peon Arrested:

Atul worked as a peon in the state-run hospital and was also taken into custody following the arrest of two doctors on May 27 (Monday).  A few hours after the arrest of two doctors Dr. Ajay Taware, head of the hospital's Forensic Medicine department, and Dr. Shrihari Halnor, the chief medical officer of the Sasoon Hospital, Atul was also arrested for involving the Pune Porsche accident.

It is said that, in the investigation process, Dr Ajay Taware and the 17-year-old father Vishal Agarwal have talked over the phone about the forging of the reports and said that he was rewarded with money in exchange for providing false reports.

During the investigation, it was also revealed that the blood samples taken from the teen were replaced with another person's reports who hadn't consumed alcohol. The original blood sample taken from the teen was thrown in the garbage can of the hospital.

Amitesh Kumar, the Pune police commissioner involved in the Pune Porsche accident case said, "Around 11 am on May 19, a blood sample (of the teen) that was taken at Sassoon Hospital was thrown in a dustbin and the blood sample of another person was taken and sent to the forensic lab. During the investigation, we found CMO Srihari Halnor replaced this on the instructions of Ajay Tawade, HOD of the forensic medicine department at Sassoon Hospital".

The doctors allured by money deceived the police and the public and forgot to act as responsible doctors and citizens of the country. This news does not come as a shock to people as they expected the doctors to be corrupted.

Pune Porsche Accident CCTV Camera Evidence:

The 17-year-old consuming alcohol was recorded in one of the pubs he visited on the day of the cruel accident. The teen celebrated passing his Class 12 result in two pubs spending 68000 and enjoying it with his friends. 

The teen in his intoxicated state drove the car at the speed of 160 -200 kmph and that ended up in the accident in Kalyani Nager killing two IT employees  Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya. The accident was also recorded on the CCTV camera and circulated on social media.

This CCTV camera record turned out to be important evidence of the Pune Porsche accident case as the manipulative measures taken by the Agarwal family backfired due to the CCTV recording. 

Pune Porsche Accident Twists:

There are many twists and turns in the case as the 17-year-old family tries to deny the accident at all costs. First Vishal Agarwal made an escape plan and was caught by the Pune police. 

Later, the teen's grandfather was arrested for kidnapping the Porsche driver to take the blame for driving the car during the Pune Porsche car accident. Following them, the doctors were arrested for forging the reports of the teen in return for money.

Indian people with the victims Ashwini Kostha and Anish Awadhiya families are waiting to see the end of the Pune Porsche accident case and hoping for justice served right to the victims in this case.