My V3 Ads Scam: Founder Vijayaraghavan Hospitalized Following Arrest

 My V3 Ads Founder Vijayaraghavan
My V3 Ads Founder Vijayaraghavan

Vijayaraghavan, the founder of MyV3Ads, who was arrested for involvement in MLM fraud, has been admitted to a Private hospital, Madurai as he has sudden chest pain. The doctors declared that their health was fine.

My V3 Ads Protest:

A complaint has been lodged against the Coimbatore-based MLM company 'My V3 ads' for involvement in financial irregularities. This MLM Scam came to the spotlight following the protest formed by thousands at the Neelampur L&T bypass area in Coimbatore, causing a commotion as they arrived on buses from different places.

My V3 Ads Case:

PMK District Secretary Ashok Srinidhi registered the complaint against the 'MyV3Ads'. The police, who have registered a case, summoned the owner of this company for questioning. 

The company's MD, Sakthi Anandan, continues claiming that they are not involved in fraud. Meanwhile, the Coimbatore Singanallur police have registered a case under three sections against Sakthi Anandan.

Who is Vijayaraghavan:

Following the investigation, it was revealed that Vijayaraghavan started this company. It was clearly said that he was the one who cheated the investors using his tactics of looting money. The police have already filed a complaint through an auditor.

Almost 2 lakh people have been cheated by this Vijayaraghavan. According to police sources, nearly 2 thousand crores of rupees may have been swindled in this.

MY V3 Ads Founder Vijayaraghavan Health: 

In this situation, when the police went to investigate the My V3 Ads Founder, Vijayaraghavan said that he had chest pain and was admitted to the hospital. The people who lost their money in this scam gathered at the hospital and protested for their money.